Data di iscrizione: 04/09/2020
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I develop a project taking into account what will be human experience, performance, efficiency, new materials and production processes; It is always important to understand how the future market will develop, to interpret what customers' needs will be. Yachts are durable goods, you must always find a new stylistic language that can be iconic and distinguishable. By stylistic language I do not mean only the "shape" but take care of all those aspects that create interest and durability over time.

To our shipowners we must elevate their pleasure of living. We design emotional yachts that can experiment together, design, beauty, comfort, luxury, performance and utility. Becoming timeless and precious.

I consider it very important to immediately align with the "culture" of the yard I am working with; creating a continuity between past and future.

Too often designers pamper their ego, this is wrong. I believe that the true role of the designer is to be an "instrument" that can create value through his technical skills, intellect and vision .